Mael Wintersun is looking gorgeous today

Mael looks awesome for the contest

 From parties to dungeons, looking classy!

On the left, Red Rose look:

  • -Queen's Mask
  • -Winged shoulders
  • -Hall of monuments chestpiece
  • -Exalted Gloves
  • -Exalted Pants
  • -Exalted Boots
  • -Desert Rose Backpiece
  • -Fiery Dragon swords from hall of monuments


On the right, Mesmer time look:

  • -T3 Sylvari cultural shoulder, chest, pants and boots.
  • -Achievement reward radiant gloves
  • -Shattered dragon wings backpiece
  • -Whisperblade and Ilya as weapons


Happy Sunday!

Published Aug. 11th 2013

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