Playstation 4 takes it all off: The Official PS4 Unboxing

Whatever happened to saving it for your wedding night?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you are probably aware that the Playstation 4 launches this Friday, November 15th. 

Sony wants you to know this sexy new console is definitely a party girl, and she's not too shy to bare it all for the world a couple of days early. 

For all you really freaky people, Wired has some exclusive bare-all shots with her GDDR5 showing (if you're into that kind of stuff). 

I don't know about you... but I think I need a cold shower!

Published Nov. 11th 2013
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    Well if you're going to unbox a console... you might as well do it from the deck of a space ship :)
  • Steve Lawton
    Love the video. Sony said "Enough of these people making Unboxing videos" and decided to epically do it themselves.

    Love the article too. Nothing like seeing something you love naked.

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