Watch Dogs - Hold The City In Your Hands

Watch Dogs resembles something right out of the NSA Scandal - except it's not about an entire agency. Instead, it's down to one lone hacker: YOU.

Imagine you're on your computer, surfing the web, socializing on Facebook, shopping on Amazon, writing an article...etc. Your webcam isn't on, but someone, somewhere, is watching you through your own webcam. Creepy, right?

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, coming November 19 for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii U and later on the PlayStation 4 and XBox One, seems like it's going to be the ultimate hacking video game. Be sure to save the date!

Machinima released a new trailer of the game, revealing certain features that players have at their disposal. The tagline? "Hacking turns the city into a weapon - from transportation, to emergency response, to crime monitoring, and more." From the look of the trailer, the game's possibilities, as far as hacking are concerned, seem very intricate, complicated and detailed. You can move objects so that they're an obstacle for others, you can turn on or off things like lights or car alarms that will distract those you're trying to catch... The question is, will anyone know that a hacker did all this at the end of the day? And if so, will they realize that it was YOU?

The focus feature, used to get players away "in a pinch," combines different elements of electrical manipulation to escape a terrible demise. For example, the trailer shows the hacker driving into a closed and locked down parking deck to escape the police. That means no more cheat codes for lowering your wanted level! Woohoo for those of you who use cheat codes in GTA, Saints Row and similar games!

The general gist is you play as a sort of one-man NSA, seeing anyone and anything you want to see all over the city. Look through the other end of someone else's webcam? Sure! Stop a car alarm from masking other noises in the vicinity or simply from assaulting everyone's ears? No problem! Intervene in a crime or not intervene in a crime? You decide!

Nothing is safe for anyone in this game. And we thought the NSA scandal was bad! Luckily, this is only a video game. Or is it...?

Check out the newest Watch Dogs trailer here, courtesy of Machinima:

Published Aug. 14th 2013

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