Pokemon Sun And Moon First Impressions - A Tale of 3 Trials

First impressions of Pokemon Moon up to Trial 3.

I have just finished my 3rd trial on Pokemon Moon -- trials have replaced the gyms in this generation of the Pokemon series. Sun and Moon is set on a series of islands in Alola, which seem to me like a generic "Hawaii."

So far the trials have all been different. The first involved searching through a cave to battle 3 Pokemon hidden in holes in the cave walls. The new version of Rattata, is the "Totem Pokemon" for the first Trial. I feel, with Pokemon Go, the creators realized how poorly rated Rattata was, and they tried to revamp Rattata. It now has black fur, and a different pattern on the chest. There are also some changes to it's tail, ears, and whiskers. It looks cool, but it's still the same old damn rat. Once you battle the 3 hidden Pokemon, you battle the main "Totem Pokemon" -- a big ass overpowered Rattata. Luckily, once you get to that point your Pokemon should be leveled up enough to ruin Rattata's day anyway. I didn't consider it difficult by any means.

The second Trial was in a set of lakes, meaning you have lots of water type pokemon. This trial starts a little suddenly, as you are somewhat put into the trial without knowing it. You are assisting the trial's Captain to find out what the splashing water is. It turns out to be the new version of Magikarp, maybe? Called Wishiwashi. At first it seems like a terribly weak Pokemon, but with a little research you find out that it's actually pretty OP. It's currently in my squad just chillin', reaping the benefits of the XP share. Once it hits lvl 25 it has the option of "Schooling" into the same damn thing... but more badass looking. The schooling ability is something that allows certain Pokemon to call for an SOS, putting them together to create a monster version of itself.

The third Trial is fire type, but I did not prepare well at all. I went in with some grass Pokemon, a couple of water, and a fairy. Being the experienced Pokemon player, I should have known better, and so the Trial screwed me. Twice.

You have to watch a dance by some Marawoks, and compare the 2 dances to notice the differences. I watched extremely closely to find out it was just the end pose you needed to pay attention to. Once you pass the piddly Pokemon, who destroy your grass Pokemon, you face the "Totem Pokemon" for the fire type. Which really isn't that bad, until it calls in some backup which ruins your plans. My suggestion is to go in with some ground type that can attack multiple Pokemon at once. For instance, Mudbray, he has an ability called "Bulldoze" which obliterates this trial with ease.

Overall I am enjoying Pokemon Sun And Moon, it is not like the others for sure but it's nice to have some change. While I am very partial to the Gym challenges in the previous Pokemon titles -- most likely because it's been the same for so long and no one likes their gameplay changing -- but I do like the Trials because it's not the same at every location. Where as the Gym's you know what to expect. You walk in, battle a couple of grunts (because they're in the way of the leader) win the badge and move on. Pokemon Sun and Moon keeps you on your toes. You may actually keep the useless move "Tail Whip" as status changing moves are pretty important within this series.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a new experience for the old handheld gamer. I would recommend picking it up if you have any Pokemon interest at all. Now, on to the next islands and Trials.


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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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