10 Outstanding Indie Games From PAX West 2017

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Super Meat Boy Forever (Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android)

Team Meat

Our little boy is growing up.

As an official sequel to the critically acclaimed and famously difficult indie hit Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy Forever has some big and very bloody shoes to fill. But we may be able to put those worries to rest, because it seems as though those same shoes still fit the sequel's squishy feet. 

Super Meat Boy Forever is a follow-up that keeps the same spirit and familiar feel of the original game while still managing to feel completely new and original. You can still deftly dodge insta-kill obstacles using the game's simple move-set and tight controls, but there are quite a few additions and revisions to the core gameplay. 

Both Meat Boy and Bandage Girl now run automatically, meaning that the stress of movement for the most part has been removed. Instead you must focus on the various moves you can pull off, which still includes the old wall slide, wall jump, and a high jump. But you also now have an air-dash, a sliding tackle attack, and a fast-falling downward dive. These moves lead to new obstacles, new methods of success, and of course, many new deaths.

The speed and flow of the first game is still there, but the levels evenly balance both the classic and new mechanics in order to make them feel like something that is truly meant to succeed the original. The levels will also become harder each time you beat them, and the dark world equivalents with much more difficult design return as well. And rest assured -- Super Meat Boy Forever is just as hard as Super Meat Boy, and you'll still feel that rush of adrenaline whenever you figure out the trick to getting past that one obstacle that killed you twenty times.

In terms of content, very little has been revealed. There's no telling how many levels we can expect out of Forever, but hopefully it's somewhere around the 300+ from the original game. There's also no word yet whether this game will feature playable characters from other indie games or not. It is confirmed that players will be able to play as either Meat Boy or Bandage Girl right from the start. 

Super Meat Boy Forever is already shaping up to be a great game and a worthy successor. It is currently planned for release in Summer of 2018, and will come to the Nintendo Switch first.

Published Sep. 5th 2017

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