10 Outstanding Indie Games From PAX West 2017

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Coffence (PC)

Sweet Bandits

Coffence is a game about fencing with cups of coffee. This 1-on-1 fighter has you compete against an opponent to steal their coffee by using yours wisely. 

It may not be a graphical powerhouse, but the gameplay is what makes it all worth it. Coffence has quite a lot of different tactics to take advantage of and plenty of opportunities for mind-games. Your cup of coffee is on the end of a piece of elastic string, and you must thrust it in different directions in order to knock coffee out of your opponent's cup, and then steal it out of the air before they can.

You can also swing your cup to block attacks, perform a short-range melee swipe, jump, and move freely around the 2D arena -- or even drink some of your own coffee in order to speed yourself up and slow down your opponent. There are also different types of coffee that have different unique properties, and the characters will have slight differences, like longer reach or shorter stature that protects them from a straightforward attack.

Coffence is a simple, pick-up-and-play fighting game with a unique hook and enough depth to be replayable. It is available now through Early Access on Steam.

Published Sep. 5th 2017

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