Destiny Really Begins at Level 20, According to Bungie

Bungie believes Destiny gets even better after players reach level 20

With only a few days before Destiny launches, developer Bungie answered some questions in a weekly update about the game. 

This particular update responds to fans' concerns about what happens after they reach level 20, and apparently, a lot happens. In the update, Bungie states that "Destiny really begins at level 20," when players can still increase their "Light Level" by improving what gear they have. The Light Level "is the yellow number in [a player's] nameplate post-20 in the Tower." 

There are a few ways a player can attempt to improve their gear. Either through "Strikes and Crucible matches" where one can get "powerful gear and currencies which [they'll] use to buy Legendary (purple) gear from the Tower." Also, there are three Factions "New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, or Future War Cult," which a player "can choose to champion," allowing them access to gear for their chosen Faction. 

Reaching level 20 also lets players access Destiny's Heroic Mode that "create challenges that require skill, gear, and sometimes creative character builds to beat." 

If you want any more information, head over to Bungie's Weekly Update, to see what other questions they answered. You can start working your way up to 20th-level this Tuesday, September 9th, when Destiny releases for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.


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Published Sep. 7th 2014

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