All Marvel Puzzle Quest DLC available for free on Xbox One

Microsoft offers all the DLC for Marvel Puzzle Quest for free on Xbox One.

On February 5th, Marvel Puzzle Quest came to the Xbox One and PS4. Not only is the game available on all new consoles, but Microsoft has offered a new deal. 

Many players who play Marvel Puzzle Quest on their phone or computer may be wondering what the type of downloadable content there could possibly be with the game. 

The console game is a completely different experience from the free-to-play game we are used to. Console players have to purchase the game in order to play it. Instead of weekly events, there are DLCs which you can purchase, or not if you have play it on the Xbox One, for new game content. 

For example, there is the volume "Science Friction" that is comprised of six episodes and revolves around the Avengers stopping the Dark Avengers from recruiting the Incredible Hulk. With this DLC comes with it the addition of the Punisher to your team. 

As you can see, this is very different from what happens in the free-to-play version of this game.  

Either way, Microsoft has offered all the DLC for free with your Xbox One game.


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Published Feb. 9th 2016

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