8 Best Gaming Desks for PC Gamers in 2017

DXRacer DGD/1000/N Newedge Edition Gaming Desk

Price: $399.99
Buy on: Amazon

As one of the most well-respected brands in PC gaming chairs, it's no surprise that the DXRacer DGD/1000/N Newedge Edition gaming desk comes with a heavier price tag than some of the other desks on this list.

The DXRacer boasts a double triangle design with a 10-degree slope, robust wire management options, an extended work surface, and 360-degree rotatable trapezoid feet. The design and finish is as sleek and clean as you've come to expect from the DXRacer name.

Reviews say that this computer desk is of incredible quality and offers some really great forearm rest space for those of you who reach across your desks with mouse-intensive games.

Published Nov. 12th 2017

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