Calling all Uncharted collectors!

Uncharted fans rejoice! Sony and Naughty Dog have brought new items to the PlayStation store.

If you're an occasional shopper or hardcore collector, these new additions to the PlayStation Store will definitely catch your eye.

With all the hype around the Nathan Drake Collection and the upcoming Uncharted 4: Thief’s End, the PS store and Naughty Dog has brought new items for you. Pre-orders for the Uncharted mini-busts, which you can see above, are now live through PlayStation Gear Store & the Naughty Dog Shop. The busts were created by Sr. Manager of Fabrication Arts Gary Barth.

If mini-busts aren’t your thing, don’t fret. There’s plenty of more to come. The limited edition “The Dreamers of the Day” giclee by critically acclaimed artist Tomer Hanuka, is also up for pre-order

And for all my vinyl collectors out there, this one is for you. Sony has partnered up with iam8bit to produce a collectible vinyl record set for The Nathan Drake Collection. This Triple LP set will feature music from all three games, plus an incredible amount of new art from the duo We Buy Your Kids

Lastly, to embrace your inner Uncharted fandom, the unique set of tattoos from will right up your alley. 

Sony and Naughty Dog stated that "more new, cool merch and Uncharted specific goods are coming over the next few weeks." If none of the items above catch your eyes, stick with GameSkinny for further updates on the mentioned new items to come.


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Published Jul. 21st 2016

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