I Fell in Love with Cube & Star: A Love Story

Cube & Star: A Love Story is a simple game with a meaningful message.

Cube & Star: A Love Story is a game of simplistic beauty. At first, the basic geometric shapes that make up the world and characters seemed boring and much too plain. However, as I began to play I fell in love with the world that I was exploring.

Your character is a cube, and the world is mostly grey. There are patches of color here and there, but most of it is made up of varying shades of grey, like you. As you explore the world and bump into various objects and other shapes, you can pick up fruit that makes you change color.

But that’s not all they change.

After collecting a fruit and changing color, every move you make changes the color of the world around you. For example, if you pick up a red “spicy fruit", the colors that you spread are warm and inviting. It's an incredible amount of fun, finding fruit and changing the world around you. There's something exciting about it.

As the demo opened, a large, older cube was speaking. One of the things he tells you is “Fill your heart with joy; and leave the world a more colorful place than when you entered it.” I was struck for a moment by just how profound the statement was. In a video game of this simplicity. It’s striking.

The world needs more games like this. We need games that affect us, make us feel.

I loved playing the Cube & Star: A Love Story demo. I strongly recommend trying it out. The free demo is available on Steam.

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Cube & Star: A Love Story is a simple game with a meaningful message.


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Published Sep. 8th 2013
  • steph_4532
    how do you save the game? or just don't exit?

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