Geared: New Card Game Challenges Players to Build Bikes

Build as many bikes as you can and earn 1000 points, but look out for players trying to remove, steal, or swap parts that you need!

What happens when you ask a graphic designer/game developer/cyclist to create a new card game? You get Geared, a fun game where players race against each other to build as many bikes as possible and be the first to earn 1000 points.

However, there's a catch. Other players can use action cards to remove, steal, or swap parts that have been played, so you must think wisely about how and when you build your bikes. For each bike that is built, a player earns a certain number of points depending on what level of parts they used to build that bike.

Geared recently launched on Kickstarter and its creator, Alex Solomon, is hoping to see the project succeed. At the 24 hour mark of its campaign, Geared had already raised almost $1000. Alex had this to say,

"After just one day of running the campaign and seeing all of the support from across the globe, even if we don't reach our funding goal, the support I've received makes everything worth it."

After his ride across the United States to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, Alex learned how important it is to have the support of others. He loves seeing people come together to achieve a goal, and knows that Kickstarter is the perfect way to see that happen.

However, turning a dream into a reality is not an easy task. As a graphic designer who has several years of experience, Alex knows the hard work, dedication, and support that are needed to bring Geared to life. The only way that Geared will become a reality is with the help of others who back it on Kickstarter. Backers of Geared can even have their own bike featured in the game!

Be sure to check out Geared on Kickstarter. To stay updated, “Like” Geared on Facebook, check out Geared’s website, or follow Geared on Twitter.


I'm a graphic designer with several years experience in many areas of design including graphics, web, photography, and video editing that has allowed me to work with local clients and national non-profit organizations. In 2012, I rode my bicycle nearly 4000 miles across the United States to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. I have earned my Associate in Arts degree from John A. Logan College and am currently pursuing my B.F.A. with a focus in Communication Design at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Games Geared Genres Board, Card, and Dice
Published Aug. 4th 2017

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