Help Make a Spiritual Successor to SOCOM Happen

H-Hour could be the next great tactical shooter.

I am a huge fan of the original and second SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals games and got super excited when I found out that someone is making H-Hour: World's Elite.

What is H-Hour

H-Hour is a game being developed by Special Operations Forces Studios (SOFs) and the lead developer is David Sears, the guy that was in charge of the first two SOCOM games. This game is everything that the 3rd, failed fps, and 4th should have been. It is going to be made to bring back that close-knit clan warfare and tactical online play. With an abundant of features they plan on bringing back some of the much loved features from the first two games and also changing things to make it a modern tactical shooter. The goal here is not to make a game that is like all the other shooters out there today. They want to bring a realistic, tactical military shooter to fruition.


In a forum a guy named "rev" posted the following:

WHY IS H-HOUR SOCOM? This is why:

• PS4 Confirmed 
• Being made by Creative Director of S1 and S2 (David Sears)
• Victory Dancing
• Custom Taunting
• Lobby System (Voice and Text Chat Included)
• Classic Server list view
• Custom Lobby Rooms
• NO Health Regeneration
• Opening doors, triggering explosives, shooting out lights (intended)
• Select Fire
• Backblast (AT4s - just like SOCOM)
• Private Rooms 
• Guns Hot 
• Strafing Gunfights (community decides, David Sears enjoyed them) 
• Prone Dive (David Sears likes the idea, could be added)
• Grenade Arc
• Clan System (clan management and support)
• Clan Page, clan emails
• U.S Special Forces VS. Terrorist
• Female voice HQ (like in original SOCOMs)
• Leaning (D-pad lean like old SOCOMs)
• Third person view default (first person view option)
• No OTS, view will be like old school SOCOM
• No Sprint (Analog stick will determine speed like old SOCOMs)
• Maps designed around one game mode 
• Round based is primary focus (respawns can be made like old SOCOMs)
• Jump to climb (will be put in if community wants it)
• Game speed will be like SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2 (action is more important than animation)
• Online 8v8 with Spectator mode 
• urban maps, rural maps, desert maps, arctic maps, jungle maps
• NOT a simulator (which means it will play more like SOCOM)
• Push to talk will be a decision based on community feedback 
• Ranking system similar to SOCOM 2 
• Confirmed modes so far will be demolition, suppression, escort, and breach under different names

When I went to the kickstarter I read a bit about the game and confirmed my want for this game. The only thing that "rev" got wrong was that it is not yet confirmed for the PS4. They first need to get 500 backers to pledge $50 for their "Playstation Warrior" tier. So far they still need 329 to go for it to make it to the PS4. It is confirmed on PC however.

How much do they need?

H-Hour needs to make $151,608 in order to reach its goal of $200,000 and it needs to do so in 19 days. In order for them to also make a PS4 version of the game 329 more backers need to pay $50 each.

Head on over to their kickstarter

and make this dream come true. I've been waiting since SOCOM III's release to see something that was as brilliant as SOCOM II and I think that H-Hour: World's Elite will be that next game.

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Published Jun. 18th 2013

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