5 Worst and 5 Best Equipment Unlocks in Hitman

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5 Best Unlocks

2. Sieger 300 Sniper Rifle

In my opinion, the best sniper rifle in the game. Three levels of zoom (so you don't miss), silencer (because that's all what being an assassin is about), and unique design.

The Jaeger 7 and Jaeger 7 Tiger are decent sniper rifles, but don't have a zoom, so they are completely useless against targets that are very far away. The Jaeger 7 Lancer has two levels of zoom, but no silencer. No silencer? Why bother? Unless you want to get caught!

This trusty weapon takes care of both problems, providing you with everything you need to stay silent and pick a target off from any distance!

Published Nov. 9th 2016

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