Overwatch — The Five Most Unfortunate Hero Interactions

Not all hero interactions go well. Sometimes, they go terribly wrong.

Overwatch is meant to be a competitive team-oriented game. 

Players will have to organize, synchronize, and plan their attacks carefully if they want to succeed. Get used to pushing together and combining ultimates — coordinated interactions will be the difference between a win and a lose.

Unfortunately, not all interactions go as planned. In fact, some of them go horrifically wrong. They're funny, sure, but they're also downright aggravating.

Here is a collection of the five most unfortunate hero interactions in Overwatch.

Credit to Reddit user "spacewolf423."

1. Bastion and Genji

With lightning-quick swipes, Genji can reflect any incoming projectiles and send them back towards his enemy. Tracer shooting back at you? Reflect. Widowmaker about to snipe you? Parry.

Well, what happens when Bastion is the one doing the shooting?

Death. That's what.

Credit to Reddit user "Phant0mv."

2. D.va and Roadhog

It's a different take on the ol' "D.va Launch Out of Suit and Taunt" combo. This time, it requires the help of an enemy Roadhog. But rest assured, the result is just as entertaining as the original, maybe even more so.

Credit to Reddit user "PalloPlays."

3. D.va, Reinhardt, and Roadhog

I've been playing competitive games my whole life, so I've been a victim of multiple kill steals. But until now, I never realized how trivial they really are.

You see, kill steals are one thing. Kill saves on the other-hand, well they're a completely different story. 

Just goes to show how important coordination is. 

Credit to Reddit user "ZhouzTe."

4. Mercy and Reaper

Mercy is your saving grace on the battlefield.

She'll zoom around and heal you, quickly turning her attention away to any other allies that need help. No matter how threatening the situation becomes, I always know that Mercy — my guardian angel — will always be there to protect me.

But when she's not, she's handing me and my allies directly to Death.

Credit to Reddit user "Zammick."

5. Reinhardt and Reaper


Surprisingly, I don't want to get off Mr. Reinhardt's Wild Ride.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this interaction. It honestly looks like it came straight from a cartoon. However, as funny as it is, you can't help but feel bad for Reinhardt. He was just instinctively backing up to protect his teammates. Too bad he was oblivious to the whole situation.

It really puts a new meaning to the phrase, "death from above."

Those were the five most unfortunate hero interactions so far. Later, when you boot up Overwatch, I implore you to try out new heroes. The next time you and your team are taking an objective, you may find yourself lucky enough to make the list.

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Published May. 26th 2016

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