Dragon's Crown Gameplay Trailer Translation

A semi-detailed gameplay trailer for Dragon's Crown has just been released. Have a translation, as well.

In a few months, Dragon's Crown will be upon us. All controversy aside, I am very excited for this game. The gameplay and art both look amazing. The latest trailer has got me even more hype.

In my excitement, I decided to try my hand at translating this Dragon's Crown trailer like I did with the Amazon. This one was a bit more difficult for me, but I am confident that the majority of it is correct. I will be passing the original Japanese along with my translation. If you speak Japanese and notice any errors, please tell me. Areas where I am unsure of the word or phrasing were marked with a question mark:

ようこそドラゴンズクラウンの世界。この世界を旅をするのに必要な知識を君達に伝授し, スキルを取得し、無数にある装備を組合せて、君だけのキャラクターを育て、迷宮に隠された秘密を説き明かし、伝説の冒険者(となれ?)

Welcome to the world of Dragon's Crown! You will be instructed on this world's indispensable adventuring knowledge.

Gain skills and combine an infinite number of equipment. Only you can build your character. Discover the guarded secrets of dungeons. Become a legendary adventurer.

You will not be alone on your journey. Gather comrades who are strong of heart by gathering their bones in dungeons and resurrecting them. Get a full party and pass through dungeons to join battle with dragons.

It is possible to unite with other players through network play. It is also possible to share save data between PS Vita and PS3.

A load of beautiful treasure art will be recompense for your adventure. Complete the collection.

Come now! You are prepared, aren't you? Vanillaware and Atlus bring you a sword and magic action RPG drawn in 2D: Dragon's Crown.

Although the trailer was quite difficult to translate, it was fun. I am interested to find out if players must first die in order to join parties or if they will be able to link up through other means. Either way, I'm ready to slay some dragons.

If you wish to have the rest of the Dragon's Crown trailers translated, let me know in the comments section and I will do my best.

Published May. 28th 2013

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