Rhythm Platformer Klang To Drop For Steam On September 22nd

Klang steps up the Rhythm Game genre by mixing the best of action and rhythm games.

Klang, from the Norwegian publisher Snow Cannon Games and developer Tinimations and announced on Friday September 2nd, seeks to raise the bar for rhythm games. Diverging from the classical tempo-driven gameplay, Klang challenges even the most seasoned rhythm gamer's skills by introducing exploration, combat, and platforming features into the formula. Tom-Ivar Arntzen of Tinimations stated Friday that:

If you mix an action game, a rhythm game and a dash of euphoria together, you get Klang. Klang blends the variety of tasks players must perform in action games with the timing of rhythm games. The result is a super immersive experience where both what you’re doing and the music you’re doing it to matter.

Assuming the role of an elite rave warrior, the player must escape the clutches of the evil 'soundlord' Sonus. With increasingly challenging levels, players will time every one of their attacks to the original score composed by the EDM artist bLiNd. Klang was showcased at PAX West this year at booth 7412. Keep an eye peeled for the Steam release as well, as it will only be available on Windows machines.

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Published Sep. 5th 2016

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