Cosplayers Express Their Feelings on Ubisoft's Statements About Women Being Too Hard to Animate

Lady cosplayers show the difficulties of animating women...actually they just make fun of Ubisoft.

The cosplayers at Gaymer X donned boxes and wielded swords against each other in heated battle. Why? To call out Ubisoft just once more.

The outfits themselves are as follow, one has a set of googly eyes and an Assassin’s Creed sash on it with the words “BOOBS?” scrawled across the front and the other has “2 HARD TO RENDER”  on it.  This is quite frankly hilarious and these girls should win any cosplay contest they enter in. The picture was originally tweeted by Feminist Frequency's Anita Sarkeesian.

Cosplayers always find a unique way to express themselves and there are some great cosplayers out there who never fail to impress with their costumes.  Some being so accurate to the character they are portraying it's scary as well as some unique interpretations of character concepts we are already familiar with. Recently however, two female cosplayers decided to take a different approach in honor of the statements by Ubisoft about how women were too hard to animate.

The #WomenAreTooHardToAnimate hashtag has been going around the internet ever since Ubisoft’s unfortunate interview where they insisted that the reason that the women weren’t put in the game was because of the extra work put into it. The story has been brought to the media’s attention at least a thousand times and even writers here at GameSkinny have written two separate articles on it.  One by WesleyG and the other written by myself.

Ubisoft has been called out on their statement multiple times now and you’d think the internet would have forgotten all about this little debacle. The thing that no one seems to keep in mind though, is that the Internet never forgets.

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Published Jul. 15th 2014

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