The 4 Best JRPGs to Play on PS4

2. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 – Final Chapter Prologue

This franchise has another long overdue sequel in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3Kingdom Hearts 2, the last main entry in the series, was first released on the PS2 way back in December 2005.

In the meantime, Kingdom Hearts fans have been treated to an HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on PS4, and an interesting collection intriguingly known as Kingdom Hearts 2.8 – Final Chapter Prologue.

Final Chapter Prologue includes an HD remaster of the Nintendo 3DS game, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, plus a brand-new title following Aqua from the PSP title Birth by Sleep, and a short movie detailing the lore pre-Sora in Kingdom Hearts X: Back Cover.

Dream Drop Distance sees you wondering through Disney worlds as Sora and Riku, battling Dream Eater Nightmares in order to pass your Mark of Mastery exam. Playing each level as both characters puts an interesting spin on the gameplay mechanics, and your old Disney favorites are there for the ride. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a new addition to the Disney portion of the game, as were Pokémon like Dream Eater Spirits.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage is considerably shorter by comparison, but upscales the cartoony world for the PS4. You play as Aqua, who needs to find a way out of the Realm of Darkness. Having never played the PSP spin off game, I really enjoyed this new adventure. All the spells I was used to from previous incarnations, such as Blizzard, had a noticeable effect on the environment that simply wasn’t there in the PS2 originals.

The short movie Back Cover may not be to everyone’s tastes, but the voice acting is great, and it tries to tie up some of the origin story of the franchise in the events leading up to mobile title Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

Published Jun. 14th 2017

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