The 4 Best JRPGs to Play on PS4

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4. I am Setsuna

The retro feel of this JRPG will appeal to gamers who grew up with SNES classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. The game was developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, which recently announced its new title, Lost Sphear.

I am Setsuna has you play as Endir (although you can change your default name), who has been asked to kill a girl about to be offered as a sacrifice to the monsters surrounding her village.

The combat is straightforward and the scenery is gorgeous. Although I’m a fan of the new emphasis on active battles, I do appreciate the text-based dialogue in this title, as it makes it more like the older JRPGs it's trying to emulate.


That wraps our picks for the four best JRPGs that the PS4 has to offer right now. What are your favorite JRPGs for Sony's newest console? Let me know down in the comments!

Published Jun. 14th 2017

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