10 Most Cringe Worthy Original Sonic Songs

10 - I Am (All of Me) - Shadow the Hedgehog OST

Performed by Crush 40, this song took the #1 spot in my last list because it's so bad and edgy it was comedic. However, this time it only takes the #10 spot simply because of the fact it's still somewhat enjoyable to listen to, but I'll admit it definitely overstays its welcome with awful lyrics and being over three minutes. 

Lyric Highlights

I am... I am, I'm all of me
I am... I am, I'm all of me
I am... I am, I'm all of me
(Here we go)

I see and feel the evil
My hands will crush 'em all (The cringe begins!)
You think you have the answers
I'll laugh and watch you fall

Black-hearted evil
Brave-hearted hero
I am all, I am all, I am

With this song taking the #1 spot in my last list, think of it as a gateway into this list with it being the #10 spot. As I said we're now leaving the rabbit hole...

Let's check out wonderland shall we?

Published Apr. 23rd 2017

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