10 Most Cringe Worthy Original Sonic Songs

5 - Believe in Myself - Sonic Adventure OST

Acting as the main theme of Tails in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, it was performed by Karen Brake. This song very much reminds me of "Can you feel the sunshine?" -- in the same sense that if you listen to the lyrics, it's kind of awfully depressing to think about who might have wrote this... So let's take a look!

Lyric Highlights

When all alone in my sleep
I just go about dreamin'
I see myself there, having the same adventure

If I just follow you, I will not see the light
Now's the time to find my way through this life
I'm tryin' so hard to be strong

I wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be
Waiting for me so I have gotta fly higher
Gotta keep going
Everything is a brand new challenge for me
I will believe in myself
This is the only start for me

Maybe because I'm a jaded as hell, but these type of songs make me cringe hardcore.

Published Apr. 23rd 2017

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