League of Legends: Thoughts on Hexakill

I played Hexakill on League of Legends! It was FUN!

Hey guys! Haemish here.

So I played the Hexakill game mode on League of Legends and had lots of fun. Here are my thoughts:

First of all, I love how there is no set meta. It really brings me back to when League of Legends was in its early stages. I can say that this game mode lets you bring out champions that, due to the fact that there have been set metas since early Season 2, you might not have seen in a while.

Second of all, SIX PEOPLE ON SUMMONER'S RIFT! That's right. Generally, there is still one Jungler per team, one solo lane (usually mid) and 2 duo lanes, bot and top. I have seen many different combinations of champions for the duo lanes. From Blitzcrank+Alistar to Garen+Darius to Teemo+Lux to Soraka+Dr. Mundo.
It's been great seeing unorthodox team compositions that have had relatively good success.

Final Thoughts

I have not yet seen an actual Hexakill but having played a few times with my ranked teammates, I have seen more pentakills than ever. I suggest Katarina or Master Yi for those looking to achieve the rare Hexakill!

Great fun overall.

Please leave your comments below! I read them everyday!


Take it easy,
Haemish the Gamer


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Published Feb. 25th 2014

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