LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Red Brick Locations Guide

Trying to find all 25 red bricks in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Check out our quick guide to help you track them down.

Red bricks are just one of the many awesome collectibles that you can find in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and they're pretty awesome! They unlock cool bonuses like higher multipliers, fast building, regenerating hearts, and more! Here's how to find all 25 of them.


Use a short character like Wicket or BB-8 to get up on the platform, then use a strong character like Chewbacca to pull the lever and push the cage down to the ground. You can then build a scaffold out of the cage and use it to climb around and get the red brick you see behind.


Find the floating red brick in the corner near the shop stand, then destroy all of the LEGO objects in the village to find hopping bricks. Use the hopping bricks to construct two Stormtrooper dummies then destroy them both to earn your red brick.

The Finalizer

Underneath the control center, use a force-sensitive character to construct a force bridge so that you can walk across the gap and get to the red brick that you see there. 

Niima Outpost

Start at the beginning of the level and blast through all of the LEGO objects on the right side so that you can slide beneath the ship. You'll find an area with a stranded Imperial landing craft and some Stormtroopers -- defeat the Stormtroopers then look for a silver LEGO object in the background. Switch to a character with grenades (like Chewbacca) and blow it up. After a moment, a guy in the background will build a ship out of the pieces and take off, dropping a red brick for you.

The Eravana

There will be a short cutscene where a rathar jumps into the background. A door with yellow markers will lower and you’ll gain control. Move right of this door to find an orange hook spot. Pull it open to reveal the red brick.

Rathar Hunting

In the dark cave you'll find a sliding surface and a door with yellow handles. Use a wookie to pull the handles, then jump on the bouncing platform inside. This will take you to a new area with a staircase that leads around to the red brick. 

Maz's Castle

In free play, from the 'Castle Approach' section, look for the area with a cracked white wall to the left of the castle entrance. Use any giant monster, like the Mantellian Savrip, to break down the wall and access the red brick inside.

Battle of Tadokana

During the battle, use your X-Wing to fly over the ruins of Maz's Castle. You'll find the red brick floating above one of the fallen towers.

The Resistance

Look around on the upper levels of the Resistance base. You should find a cracked white wall like the one outside of Maz's Castle. Break the wall with any large or monster character, then use a small character to crawl through the access hatch.

Starkiller Sabotage

This one is easy to find, but a little annoying to get to. To the left of the massive Starkiller Base door, you'll see a cliff where Snowtroopers keep spawning -- the red brick is in the corner above the cliff. Use any character that can double jump to make your way onto the cliff and to get the brick.

Destroy the Starkiller Base

First, construct and power the elevator so that you can access the upper part of the level. Move into the foreground and look for a grappling hook spot to the right of the screen. This will take you to a new platform with some Stormtroopers -- deal with them, then use the terminal to match the Stormtrooper pieces together. This will cause a whole lot of Stormtroopers to spawn in the next room -- defeat them to earn your brick.

The Finale

You should be able to see the red brick floating above the area where you face off against Kylo Ren. Look for a group of snowmen with a snowball nearby, then use use someone with force powers to roll the snowball into place so that you can jump to reach the red brick.

Epilogue: Luke's Island

The red brick is on a ledge above the island, but it's out of reach. Use Darth Vader to pull away a bunch of LEGO bricks that are covering up an access hatch, then use a small character to crawl through and reach the brick.

Lor San Tekke's Return

In the area where you can see a windy gap to your right, drop down to the left to find a a device that can be activated by BB-8. Turn on the device to reveal a game of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. Hit the green panel until you've won three rounds to receive your brick.

The Crimson Corsair

Work your way through the level until you find a red forcefield device that can be attached to a wall near a gap on the left. Smash the LEGO object near the gap and build the device that will deactivate the forcefield. Once inside, smash the LEGO stuff to find your brick.

Poe to the Rescue

In the long hallway before you encounter the chatty Stormtroopers, you can blast away a section of the hall to reveal Kylo Ren's secret room. After enjoying his awesome Darth Vader posters and teenage angst, switch to someone with dark force powers and use them on the desk to reveal the red brick.

Trouble Over Taul

Drop down the ladder into the rec room with the vending machine and the pool table. Over by the ice cream machine is a cold fog that keeps most characters out, but someone like BB-8 can roll right through. Use them to collect the red brick.

Ottegan Assault

Left of Kylo Ren’s landed ship, you will find a path that leads around the exterior of a brown building. There is one of the white cracked walls here like the one outside of Maz's Castle. Select a creature that can smash cracked walls and go inside to grab this brick.

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Published Jun. 29th 2016

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