Inside Source Talks Uncharted 4, PS4's Technical Edge Over Xbox One

How good will Uncharted 4 look? Well, remember those amazing cut-scenes in The Last Of Us?

Naughty Dog are masters of their craft. That should be obvious based on Uncharted and The Last Of Us.

We know the talented developer is currently working on Uncharted 4, which may or may not hit store shelves in time for the 2014 holiday season. Thus far, we don't have any concrete details or footage, but industry insider Ahsan Rasheed (aka "thuway") appears to have acquired some information:

 Not sure about the boat part, but the rest is clear: Uncharted 4 is gonna look amazing. Then again, are we really expecting anything less? However, it's important to note that TLoU boasted a seamless visual presentation, in that the cut-scenes didn't look drastically different when compared with the gameplay.

Rasheed added another little nugget about the PlayStation 4, which will be the exclusive home of Uncharted 4:

We've been hearing about many multiplatform titles with the edge on the PS4, due to either better resolution or a higher frames per second rating. Thief is the most recent game on the "better on PS4" list, as it boasts full 1080p on Sony's machine and only 900p on the Xbox One.

As for Uncharted 4, just one word: Gimme.

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Published Feb. 19th 2014

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