Final Fantasy XIV World Transfers Are Live with $18 Price Tag

World transfers are now open to all FFXIV players, for a price.

That period of free world transfers in Final Fantasy XIV was pretty nice for those able to move to their desired world within the period, but those who had to wait (as my FC did for a friend) were left with the question: When will we see official transfers open?

Wait no longer, my friends. World transfers are now open to all characters, but they come at the cost of 18 smackeroos ($18).

As with the free transfers, there are restrictions on who and what can be transferred. In addition, there are still rules as to the worlds players can transfer into.

While Legacy players can transfer from one Legacy world to another, they are restricted from transferring to non-Legacy worlds. Non-Legacy players are free to transfer to either server type.

In addition, a transferred character may only have 1 million gil in their possession and retainers may only transfer 100 thousand gil each. Square Enix notes this restriction may change in the future, based on world economies.

Further restrictions on transfers are as follows:

  • You must possess an active service account for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.
  • You must be logged out of the game.
  • Your character cannot be enlisted in a free company, holding a free company petition, or signed to a free company petition.
  • Your character cannot have items for sale on the market.
  • Your character cannot have items entrusted to the Calamity Salvager NPC.
  • Your character must rehire any retainers carried over from Version 1.0.
  • Your character must be logged out outside of any instanced areas.
  • The character you wish to transfer must be at least three days old.
  • Your service account cannot be suspended due to a violation of Terms of Service or a hold on the account.
On the plus side

Paying the $18 fee allows players to move more than one character from a single world to the world of their choice. However, a single transfer will not allow you to move multiple characters from one world to more than one other world.

The official site goes more into this process (with convenient pictures!) and further restrictions. Final Fantasy XIV Legacy players will be able to move to non-Legacy worlds eventually, but that day is not today.

Published Oct. 28th 2013

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