Discount Newsletters from Gaming Retailers: An Easy List for 2015

Game retailers need people to buy products and give out discounts to entice them. Here are some links to discount pages and resources to stay abreast of the greatest deals.

Most gamers worth their salt have heard of Steam; it’s the legendary Valve corporation that sends PC gamers in spirals of glee from new-age access to an ever-increasing array of games and spirals of despair from the disappearance of their funds for the same games. However, there are always plenty of sales to be had from other online and in-store retailers. It’s hard (or at least annoying) to keep track of them all, so I’ve made a handy list to help you through the rest of 2015 and beyond.

The Skinny

Companies have one, ultimate objective: making money. Psychology and common sense says people want more for less, thus the huge saturation of “sales.” Frequently, products are priced higher than what companies actually want to sell them for so when they “mark them down,” customers feel as if they are saving money when in reality it’s the original price. It’s basic marketing. However, products have to sell eventually, thus they are given deeper discounts. A good way to get the message out are promotional newsletters. Statistics are very important to any successful company, which is the reason they love to take your personal information. With straight-to-email newsletters, both parties win.

Sign up to receive new product information, coupons, and discounts. Frequently, companies will send you coupons just because you haven’t purchased anything in a while or because you put an item in your online shopping basket and never bought it. If you want, you can make an email address specifically for recieving discount and newsletters like "[Your Email Address]"


Here’s a list of some of the more common sellers and links to their promotional pages.

Special Mention

While they don’t specifically sell games, they do have a lot of gaming gear and computer essentials at decent discounts.

Coupon Websites and Sale Trackers

There a tons of places across the web to find discounts, this is just a short list of the most common and easy-to-find. Happy shopping!

Published Jul. 14th 2015

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