amiibo Re-Release!

Some of the rare Amiibos are being released once again!

If you thought there was no hope in acquiring Pit or Wii Fit Trainer for your amiibo collection, new hope has just arrived. Through a message on Twitter, Nintendo of America announced the following: 


(Courtesy of

Even though the quantities of the release are limited (again), it is still better than nothing at all. You can also expect a re-release of the Marth amiibo as well (because Nintendo said they would a few months ago). So for all you fans out there, this is your opportunity to scoop in some of the rarer amiibos for your collection.  

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The only question that now remains is whether or not Nintendo will continue this pattern of re-releasing, or leave the other amiibos in the almost impossible to acquire state that they're already in.   

Header image courtesy of Nintendo Life.

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Published Jun. 10th 2015

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