When & Where to Get the Strategy Guide for Horizon Zero Dawn

Lots of fans are hunting for Horizon Zero Dawn's strategy guide. Fortunately you only have to wait one more day!

For those who are eager to snap up the strategy guide book for Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, the agonizing wait is almost over. On March 29, gamers will be able to buy the guide for themselves.

This hefty book, which acts as your companion for the game, is as in-depth as it gets. A greater understanding of the game world, combat skills, and even the mysteries of the story lie within its pages. It's also got the added bonus of a world map so that you can plan your route as you begin to traverse the treacherous terrain. With insights into the game’s lore as well as unique artwork, Future Press has attempted to create something much more than just a bog-standard strategy guide.

Sitting at a whopping 656 pages, Horizon Zero Dawn’s guide can be yours in just a day’s time. If you want to pick it up, you can get it in hardcover for under $28, courtesy of Amazon and Future Press.

How are you enjoying  your time with Aloy? Are you planning on picking up the strategy guide? Let us know below!


Published Mar. 28th 2017

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