Ecotone: Retro Platforming with a Twist

French newcomers join the indie scene with this complex and immersive platform game

Ecotone is a platform adventure from French developers Sundae Factory. Players must guide the game's main character through a series of levels in a bid find his true identity.

The beautifully odd graphics give the game a dreamlike quality, with the strange creatures, monsters and plant life making the game fun to look at. There are so many different things to see, little details to grab your attention. The eerie soundtrack also adds to the dreamy ambiance.

What makes Ecotone different from other platform games of the same style is that the gameplay isn't just the same from one level to another. One level might be a straight forward -- "jump over this, run over that" -- but on another level the controls may be reversed or it might be a speed chase. Each level also has a title, which gives the player a clue as to their identity or what may be in store for that level. There are three worlds to explore, each containing 15 levels of the unfolding story.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and is expected to be released on May 6th at a price of $8.99 (8.99€ / £5.99) and is available on PC and Mac OS X.


It all started with an Atari ST and here I am, all these years later, still loving video games! Indie games are where my heart is and where it'll stay. The world of indie video games is ever evolving and such an interesting arena to be a part of!

Published Apr. 28th 2016

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