Best 6 Indie Games to Play this Halloween

Fran Bow is perhaps the most infamous title on this list thanks to it winning a couple of Indie Game of the Year awards back in 2015 and its subsequent feature on Markiplier's channel, which netted around 30 million total views.

Fran Bow is a traditional point and click adventure that tasks you with solving puzzles as you slowly unravel the story of a little girl who found her parents dismembered. One of the game's real strengths is the way that it ties its story and gameplay together. For instance, many of the puzzles are directly tied to the story and game world. Moreover, self-administering your own medicine opens up new outlets to explore the world, which is perhaps one of the darkest mechanics in recent memory. 

There are actually several parallels between Lydia and Fran Bow. Both star young girls that are scarred by the horrifying events of their childhood and both explore those through psychological elements. However, Lydia is more strongly grounded in real life experiences, while Fran Bow draws from a Tim Burton-esque storytelling tradition.

Fran Bow is available on Steam for $14.99. 

Published Oct. 20th 2017

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