Why WoW and Many Other MMO's are Changing the World

I thought I was just crazy thinking that WoW taught me how to excel in what I want to do. Watch this video and get excited!

Over the past, nearly, decade I've been playing a lot of WoW.  I've been afraid that it has not had any impact on the furthering of my professional life.  Then I saw this video.  This is a video that needs to be seen by every single corporation across the planet.  This is extremely important to recognize and share.  I've been waiting years for someone with credibility to put this into words.

"A typical night, there will be approximately 15,000 new strategic ideas created around the world. If you want to compete that night or the next day, somehow you have to appropriate in your own play what 15,000 new ideas mean to you in order to go into this high-end raid."

"Show me anything that happens in the corporate world that has 15,000 new strategic ideas. Possibly biotech does, but no world I know about in the corporate world. We think about ten new ideas already overloading us. You know, 10,000 is unthinkable."

I firmly believe my ability to socialize now stems nearly 100% from my experiences in WoW.  I also believe my ability for critical thinking, learning from my mistakes, and taking constructive criticism comes from WoW.  I hope that all of my fellow MMOers agree with me and take their gaming seriously, because it will have a profound effect on your professional growth.

Let us rise up and take over the corporate world!

Go Azeroth!

PS.  Thank you so much TygerWDR with his MUD2MMO show for bringing this to my attention.  Also check out his episode where this video was references

Published Apr. 26th 2013
  • TygerWDR
    Featured Contributor
    Wait, someone WATCHES my videos? Dang!

    This guy's short piece here blew my mind, completely. Jaw on teh ground mind blowing when I heard the first line. The "outside world" is starting to understand what gaming brings to the table, and what a hardcore gamer can do.

    I just hope they don't make a leveling system for management. There will be blood.
    Very interesting article. Kudo's, I enjoyed it. I may even see if I can use it for my next Job interview aha!

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