Rumor: Developer Treasure has stopped game development?

Rumor: Japanese developer Treasure is no longer creating games and it's concerning.

It has been reported that Japanese developer Treasure has supposedly stopped developing games. The news was shared on Giant Bomb's 03/15/16 podcast. What was discussed was that the company now only exists as a licensing company managing their IPs. This rumor is concerning because the prospect of no new releases for this generation of consoles would be disheartening to long-time fans. 

Treasure Co., LTD was established in 1992 with ex-Konami employees. Since then, they've released titles on nearly all home consoles and handheld systems. During that time, they have also been able to create enjoyable titles for established franchises such as Tiny Toons and Bleach. Over more recent years, they've re-released some of their most critically acclaimed titles via download services. Xbox Live Arcade saw releases of Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes in 2011, where as Steam saw a 2014 release of Ikaruga.

At this point, it is unknown as to what exactly led the company to stop development. However, speculation points to Treasure's work with Capcom on Gaist Crusher (released in 2013) leading the company to this point. Gaist Crusher was intended by Capcom to be very successful -- but its sales were less than favorable.

The last mention of creating a new game was back in 2014, and they were considering the PC platform. Treasure has been able to create a notable catalog of games featuring arcade action blended with innovative gameplay -- one would hope they'll continue to do so.


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Published Mar. 24th 2016

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