Digimon ReArise Revealed for Smartphones

Upcoming Digital Monsters mobile game will feature gameplay similar to Animal Crossing.

A new game based on the Digimon franchise, known as Digimon ReArise, has been revealed for smartphones in the latest issue of V Jump.

In Digimon ReArise, players will cultivate friendships with both new and familiar Digimon in a Digi-Town while they try to stop an unknown threat from harming both the real and digital worlds.

Character designs featured in Digimon Realize will be created by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, who has previously worked on various Digimon anime series and movies in addition to Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece.

No footage or screenshots of the game have yet been shown, although sources have indicated that the game seems to be a cross between Digimon World-style graphics and Animal Crossing-style gameplay.

Digimon ReArise is planned for a 2018 release on iOS and Android devices in Japan.

The last Digimon mobile game to be released, Digimon Links, was released on iOS and Android devices in Japan on March 24, 2016, and released worldwide on October 3, 2017.

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Published Jan. 23rd 2018

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