Rocksteady Offers Poor Solutions to PC Gamers for Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady's temporary solution to PC gamers for Arkham Knight is to play on the lowest settings.

This was supposed to be a big week for Batman fans with the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, the final segment of developer Rocksteady's Arkham series. Except like many other AAA game releases over the last two years things went wrong right after launch. This time PC gamers were left with a version of Batman: Arkham Knight that barely works, which they've been very vocal about.

Tuesday Rocksteady put out a statement letting PC gamers know they are working on a fix for the problems and asked for them to be patient. Now they've come out with a new statement offering a list of temporary fixes that for PC gamers are almost as frustrating as the broken game itself. Their list of temporary solutions to major performance and technical issues that basically asks them to lower their in-game settings.

To help PC gamers reach those new settings Rocksteady released a new set of mininum and recommended settings, you check out the full post here. The simplified version of the post is that to run Arkham Knight PC owners will have to keep all of there settings on normal or lower. That means they won't be able to run the game at any higher than 30FPS and won't be able to raise their resolution above 1080p. Interactive smoke, fog, and paper debris all have to be turned off along with enhanced rain and light shafts.

Basically Rocksteady is telling PC gamers that they need to run Arkham Knight at the same level as current gen consoles. When you've invested huge amounts of time and money in a custom gaming rig the last thing you want to hear is you have to play a game on low end settings.


Published Jun. 12th 2020

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