Life is short, check out the Death Inc. Demo

A deviously addictive re-imagining of the 17th century's outbreak of bubonic plague. (Really, how often do you get to say THAT?)

The team at Ambient Studios has more than a century of combined game development experience, and it shows in Death Inc.  In this video, Jonny and Daniel join us to explain the concept behind the game and share why Kickstarter is such a key part of their development plan.

Oh yeah, about that Kickstarter

Speaking of, at press time their campaign has a mere 12 days remaining. That means there's less than two weeks to check out the entertaining perks for donors (owning your own pub, anyone?) and playable demo on the Death Inc. Kickstarter page.

Coming soon

Look for reviews and more interviews on developing Death Inc. and the internal workings of Ambient Studios next week, but mosey on over to their Kickstarter now if you want to check it out while the clock is ticking.

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Published Feb. 22nd 2013

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