Real Life Massive Multiplayer FPS Coming Soon

Real world FPS just around the corner. is the first augmented reality, real world, massive multiplayer FPS. Or at least, it hopes to be. Right now, it's an Indiegogo campaign.

The Map and Beta Test

A demo map for is currently live through a beta test, and it will teach you how to claim a land area, gather resources, and even block a raid or create a raid. I have downloaded the map and taken a look at how it is set up. So far it seems straightforward. When the game is fully released, you will be able to actually run around wherever you are and play an FPS game against other factions.

What Equipment you Need

This game is made possible by an AR unit that attaches to your smart phone. This unit is how you actually fire at someone. Think of it as a massive laser tag game you play wherever you are. uses real time geo-location to track all players on the map.

When the full game releases, there will be different weapons you can obtain, as well as drones that you can fly over the battlefield to get reports or even fire at enemies. The unit you attach to your phone is called an interceptor. They seem to be reasonably priced through the Indiegogo campaign. The $18 set is sold out, but for as little as $30 you can get one interceptor and a piece of original artwork.

The project promises a quick match mode where you can create an indoor or outdoor battle instance or a free-for-all death match. In the massive multiplayer version, the planet will be your playground -- one uses over 12,000,000 real world locations using data from OpenStreetMap. As you gather resources, you can use them to purchase weapons, ammo, gadgets or even use it toward infrastructure.

Controlling an area with specific building like schools or pharmacies can give you boosts also. Banks can be used to store resources, making it harder for another faction to steal them. There will also be events like battles that are pre-determined.

As far as beta testing the game goes, the iOS app must be limited to 2,000 beta testers while the Android app is unlimited. 

Is this a breakthrough or a pipe dream?

While looks really well-designed and thought out -- and I really cannot wait to play it -- I do have some concerns. First and foremost, people already have a problem texting while walking. What is going to happen when someone is running while looking at their opponent on the map or on their phone, and runs in front of a car. Or, how about running around inside a store? I can really foresee a number of issues and wonder how long it will take for police to become involved, laws to be created -- and maybe even and outright ban the game.

I am absolutely looking forward to this being released, and I have high hopes for it -- in spite of the obstacles it will undoubtedly have to overcome. There are a lot of videos out about this game on YouTube, so go check it out and see what you think.

Feel free to comment here with opinions and let’s have a discussion about this game. Can really bring something new to the industry, or are we not ready for that? Let me know what you think!

Published Mar. 17th 2016
  • Left Foot
    Does anybody remember these Laser tag pens from Yes entertainment?

    So much fun sitting in class playing laser tag.
  • Andrew | Laser Tag Planet
    I hope this project will turn into a success because it's obvious that a lot of thought and design effort has gone into this product, unlike some of the other smartphone laser tag products that have come out in recent years. The Inceptor device + App look very decent and I can't wait to give it a try. What I'm not sure about is whether shooting with a smartphone instead of having an actual laser tag gun in your hands will still give you that good old laser tag experience. It also seems that keeping this product compatible with different smartphone models is very achievable. And yes, it's probably best to play this game in a park rather than out on the streets for safety reasons!
  • Auverin Morrow
    Featured Contributor
    I like the idea of this. I really do. But there's something that makes me deeply uncomfortable about the fact that the people playing this game don't get disguised as characters. You're literally aiming guns at each other.

    Now, I know that's not really any different from paintball. But when this whole industry has struggled for so long to prove that it doesn't promote violence against each other....something like this can be really damaging. If/when it comes out, I guarantee you there will be outrage. The media will jump on it like piranhas.
  • Shade Stalker
    I agree with that thought. The problem is that there are no guns. They show on your phone screen while you are looking through it or at it. The add on pc is what fires the "laser" at your target. My biggest concern like I said was people running in front of cars or even running around malls or in stores.

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