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Although there are a significant amount of impressive and hilarious in-game skins for the popular MOBA League of Legends, there are plenty of fans with ideas for how his/her favorite character should be dressed.

Among the endless fan-made skins floating around the internet, I did my best to compile 15 of my favorite skins that were made completely by fans of the game, rather than the developers themselves. 


Runaway Bride Mundo

Artist: MaTTcomGO

We all know the saying, Mundo goes where he pleases. In this case, he's stampeding in the opposite direction of his own wedding, breaking poor Amumu's already-bandaged heart. 

Cat Lady Grandma Yorick

Artist: slowgun9

The fact that the cat-ghost in the middle has a cone of shame is probably the greatest part about this picture. 


Day of the Dead Orianna

Artist: slowgun9

This beautiful artwork in breathtaking, without even being an-game skin itself. This Orianna skin would be perfect for Halloween, especially since it would incorporate an entirely different culture. 

Sweet Tooth Ziggs

Artist: vesner

Oh no, carbs! Anything but that!


Arclight Thresh

Artist: SaucyCracker

I must be in the dark cause this skin lights up my life. Anyone? No? Okay.

I can't speak for anyone else, but does this ult bring back Goat Simulator nostalgia?

Candy Land Annie

Artist: SaintPrecious

Tibbers somehow gets significantly less intimidating the more delicious he looks. 


Debonair Thresh

Artist: Beverii

I'm totally on board with a series of Debonair skins.

Instead of the heavy metal Pentakill, we can have a band that plays smooth jazz while wearing pinstripes and drinking with their pinkies out.

Riot Leona

Artist: LadyMartina

I would love to see the ult that goes with this skin... It wouldn't be complete without sirens and backup. 


Spectral Reaper Nami

Artist: VanchaMarl

Admittedly, this Nami skin has stolen my heart and will never let go. Nami is one of my favorite champs, so when I saw this fan-art I might have bounced. And possibly squealed. Just a little.

Ghostbuster Graves

Artist: DragonsTrace

I'd hate to be Haunting Nocturne when this Graves skin is in play. I can the see in-game passive now-- There's Something Strange in This Neighborhood.

Dodgeball Syndra

Artist: VegaColors

This Syndra skin brings back everyone's inner high school student's biggest fear. Not only does this bring back painful memories, but there's also a 1 in 5 chance you'll actually have last pick. 

Dark Symphony Sona

Artist: Xelandra

A refreshing twist from the normally light-hearted, smiling Sona, this darker, mysterious version is one of the most exciting skins on this list.

There's a good chance I'd spend money on this. 

Firedancer Draven

Artist: Dargonite

You know what says "manly," more than a world-renowned mustache? Fire. 

Void Lux

Artist: CMorilla

Lux happens to be the only mid lane champion I feel confident playing. I also endlessly complain that she doesn't have any appealing skins whatsoever. 

Like Sona, this skin is the complete opposite of the original personality of the character, which makes it that much more awesome.

VoidBorn Fizz

Artist: Artsed

I know the Void seems to be a theme here, but these skins are genuinely impressive. You may recognize this skin, as Riot announced intentions of adding it to the game in March 2014.

Before it was added to the game, however, it was originally fan-art created by DeviantArt's very own Artsed.

Published Sep. 25th 2014

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