Major Retailers Raising Prices For Next-Gen Games In Canada

Folks in Canada may have to start breaking their piggy banks to buy games. Major retailers are raising the prices of next-gen games throughout the country.

It seems that new video games have cost about the same amount of money for a long time now. Perhaps it is because of the length of last generation and how we haven't had new consoles for about eight years. Since then, development costs have increased and we have seen a rise in microtransactions and paying for premium content, but through it all, game prices have mostly remained around $60. 

For those living in Canada, this is about to change.

If you reside in Canada, expect to pay even more money for your video games. A quick look at the store page for EB Games/Gamestop and you will find the prices of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3 games have all raised by about five dollars. What is even worse is that they are not the only retailer to up the prices. 

According to analysts, several other retailers are following suit. In a tweet by price watch group GameDealsCanada, major retailers like Best Buy are joining in.

The fact that three major video game retailers are raising prices on next-gen games is a troubling sight and may give a glimpse on things to come. Will the price increases in Canada stay in Canada, or will we also see these same increases sweep across the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world?

At what price will people stop paying for video games and look to other forms of entertainment?

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Published Jan. 20th 2014
  • DarthN3wf
    Sorry folks. I find it hard to believe that the sudden raising of game prices in Canada are related to the weakening dollar. Our CDN dollar was fairly week against the US dollar back in the early 360 days up until the last 2 years, and games in Canada remained at $59.99 (some at $49). This is just our typical greedy retailers up North sticking it to the man, because they can. I for one will not be buying my games in Canada any more. Thankfully the border is very close for me (Vancouver) and I can quickly hop across to find what I need. Barring that, I guess I'll find a different hobby to keep me entertained. I'm just tired of being taxed and charged through the nose on things when salaries stay the same. It's the same mentality of these greedy oil companies. Someone farts the wrong way and they raise the price of a barrel of oil cause "something might happen in the world to cause high demand".

    Argh. I'll stop there before I really get going...

  • Will_2280
    Now some future titles are up $10. The prices on have no yet changed. I wonder how it will pan out in the end.
  • harley_9368
    not all game prices have been raised
  • marco_2670
    Being from Canada i can understand where this is coming from due to the recent loss of our dollar against the American greenback. However,If the digital prices do not raise in accordance with the rest of the major retailers (I.E. anything purchasing from PSN or XBL) i am afraid my digital future is coming sooner than I think.

    We already get ripped off here in general with food and most electronics and amenities.
  • None yo business
    And that's how everyone got their games bought used. I refuse to support 99% of developers who try to help us out on this. Seriously, how does Call of Duty justify a $70 price tag? We need an ESRB for prices right now, this shit it getting out of hand.
  • JJBrando
    I'm pretty sure the rise in price is due to the fact that the Canadian dollar has dropped from equal status down to 0.91 when compared to the US dollar in the last few months.

    Hopefully you guys are still safe from any increases!

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