Why Aren't You Getting Scared S***less by Five Nights at Freddy's RIGHT NOW?

Spending five nights with Freddy Fazbear couldn't be that scary, right?

What brand new game has come out of left field, is innovative, and is absolutely terrifying? If you've got your ear to the ground, you already know: Five Nights at Freddy's.

(Update: Freddy's is now on Steam!)

Freddy's has launched its way into the horror community's spotlight seemingly out of nowhere, and for good reason. There simply hasn't been such a breath of fresh air in the genre in years, and the game is so simple it can knock you off your feet with how ruthless it really gets. 

The game perfectly captures the tense, cryptic atmosphere you might expect from a horror game, and mixes it with animatro...

..nic monstrosi -- animals. Animatronic animals. You know, like Chuck E. Cheese and the Country Bear Jamboree at Disney World? If you thought the jerky movements of those things was a bit off-putting in real life, the feast of horrors that lies in wait for you in Freddy's may be a little.. too much.

The whole thing is just odd.

Why does this place need a night security guard? Why is the company too cheap to give you more than a limited supply of power? Why are you risking your life for so many nights for less than $5 an hour? And for the love of God, what has possessed these robots to become malicious from the hours of 12AM to 6AM, and why are they even given a free-roaming mode?!

There are so many questions surrounding Five Nights at Freddy's, but no answers. You don't need them. You only need to survive. It's amazing how the human body can live without the frontal lobe.

You can buy Freddy's yourself only on Desura for $4.99 at the time being (button to the Desura store page below). The game is pressing through the Steam Greenlight process and should be making its way to the Steam platform judging by the overwhelming amount of fan votes.

Don't wait for the Steam version. Play this game. Play this game NOW.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Just don't s*** yourself in the process.

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Published Aug. 19th 2014
  • raindowdash
    this game is not vary scary im scared of nothing its so lame plesse comment
  • samantha_1220
    *chicas voice* piiiiiiiiizzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pizza?
  • ashley Martin
    This game is creppy because of the jumpscares
  • IWontTell
  • Pajama sam
  • Pajama sam
  • Someone_7297
    They are in free roaming mode at night because if they dont move their engines will stop working
    so they dont will work anymore.

    *Sorry for my bad grammar, im Brazilian :P
  • Tyrant_6891
    Okay, explain to me how exactly this game is innovative. You have ellaborated exatly 0% as to how this jump scare laced game is innovative.
  • Torok The Troll
  • raindowdash
    not cool

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