Overwatch Guide: Soldier: 76 Info and Tips

Master the classic Soldier: 76 in Overwatch with this character guide!

Soldier: 76 is you classic soldier in Overwatch. Most fans of shooters are familiar with this type -- Assault Rifle, Rockets, and sprinting. It is a good character to start with and the one you play when doing the tutorial.

Though Soldier: 76 is easy enough to get start with, there are a few things you can learn if you plan on playing him seriously. If you like a simple, classic feel to your shooters and characters, Soldier: 76 is for you.

This guide will cover everything about the hero Soldier: 76 in Overwatch including:

  • Soldier: 76 Basic Info - A little of Soldier: 76's background and descriptions of his abilities.
  • Soldier: 76 Combat Tips - Tips for using Soldier: 76 effectively. 

Soldier: 76 Basic Info

Soldier: 76 is an unknown vigilante who's main purpose is to expose the truth behind the collapse of Overwatch. He has been in several attacks across the globe, including institutions, corporations and Overwatch facilities.

Many believe he is a former Overwatch agent and not just someone doing random attacks. He is also believed to have been a part of the American "Soldier Enhancement Program" because his abilities are much higher than your average soldier.

He has access to an advanced arsenal, much of which was stolen from raids on Overwatch installations, and augmentations.

Overwatch Soldier 76 abilities

  • Heavy Pulse Rifle - His main weapon shoots fully automatic pulse shots.
  • Helix Rockets - Shoots tiny rockets that spiral out of his Heavy Pulse Rifle in a single burst. The explosion hits all enemies in a small radius.
  • Sprint - Allows Soldier: 76 to move much faster.
    • The ability has no cooldown and you can use it as long as you want, but he stops sprinting whenever you take an action. 
  • Biotic Field - Places a biotic emitter on the ground that restores his health and the health of any allies that stand in the field.
  • (Ultimate Ability) Tactical Visor - Allows Soldier: 76 to shoots any target within the circle crosshairs without missing. If an enemy leaves the crosshairs, it will automatically lock-on to any nearby enemies.

Soldier: 76 Combat Tips

Soldier: 76 is an offense character, you you only need to focus on taking down the enemy team. However, he does have a group heal he can use, so keep in mind that you will want to also support your team with Biotic Field.

  • Remember Sprint
    • There is not universal sprint button in Overwatch, so being able to sprint is special. Just remember that it is an ability you have to use.
    • Sprinting is great for getting to objectives quickly, escaping danger, or chasing someone down.
  • Biotic Field is very helpful, so use it often
    • This heals all teammates so it is useful for when you are light on heals, or just need a little survival.
    • Placing Biotic Field in held positions, or in areas you need to make a push in will help your team the most.
    • Don't hesitate to use it even if you aren't low on health if your teammates need it.

Overwatch Soldier 76 info

  • Helix rockets can push people back
    • Helix Rockets are great for damaging groups of people, but they can also slightly push people back.
    • Use this to your advantage by hitting enemies that are close to the edge, so you can knock them off the map for an instant kill.
  • Tactical Visor does not hit everything
    • Even though Tactical Visor is great for not missing enemy players, it will not lock-on to turrets for example.
    • You also want the cursor to be close to your target to hit them. It will not lock-on if they are not in your line of sight or too far away.

This wraps up my Overwatch guide on Soldier: 76. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own!

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Published May. 31st 2016

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