Fortnite Guide: What's New in Update 1.34, from Campfires to Screenshots

Patch v.2.1.0 brings along new screenshot opportunities, a new healing item, and some changes to sounds and weapons.

The ever-changing Fortnite continues to receive regular updates throughout Early Access, showing that the Battle Royale bubble still isn't quite ready to pop just yet.

Today Fortnite 1.34 arrives with patch V.2.1.0, bringing along some gameplay mechanics changes and adding in some long-overdue features. Besides the two biggest modifications covered below, patch 2.1.0 includes a host of minor tweaks and adjustments to both Save The World and Battle Royale modes.

Most notably, for those who have been vexed by its power, the Boogie Bomb status effect is now removed when you take damage, so you will no longer dance uncontrollably while being shot. There's a caveat here that Epic is still monitoring feedback on the Boogie Bomb, so this may be reversed down the line.

For those among you who prefer stealth over barreling into trouble, player footsteps are also now slightly louder, and the audible footstep range has been increased, so put on those headphones for an advantage on discovering enemies before they notice you!

NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights

One of the biggest changes arriving with Fortnite 1.34 is something that probably should have been there since the beginning -- the ability to take screenshots!

This is an issue that's long plagued Fortnite in both modes and is a consistent player gripe. Unlike a service such as Steam, the Epic Games client doesn't have a built-in screenshot utility, which seems like a major oversight for a AAA development company.

Until now, you had to manually hit Print Screen on the keyboard, hope you got it at the right moment, and then tab out to paste that screenshot in a program like Paint. Needless to say, that's a deal breaker if you are in the middle of a Battle Royale firefight....

Now with the latest patch, anyone who has a GeForce GTX 650 and above can take screenshots and capture videos of their best kills or most epic forts with NVIDIA's ShadowPlay Highlights feature.

To utilize ShadowPlay, just press the keyboard combo Alt + F1 to take a screenshot, or tap Alt + Z while in-game to bring up the ShadowPlay settings for when replay videos are automatically saved. That overlay also lets you scroll through previous screenshots. Furthermore, ShadowPlay has a plugin for broadcasting live, if you're planning on streaming your Fortnite experience to the world.

Cozy Campfire Trap

We've been waiting on this one since the Sneaky Silencer mode was announced a few weeks back, and now the Cozy Campfire item is finally here!

The Campfire is a blue rarity drop that can be found anywhere on the map and works as an item in your inventory just like anything else. When this healing trap is dropped on a floor tile, it persists for 25 seconds and heals anyone within range for 2 HP per second.

Clearly, you'll want to build a wall around yourself to protect the Campfire if at all possible, and dropping it during a firefight is probably a bad idea since it can potentially heal the guy killing you as much as it heals you.

Although it's called a "trap," this is clearly a beneficial item, which makes me wonder if maybe we'll get a harmful version that looks the same down the line? That would be a great new way to mess with other players. Get on making it happen already, Epic!

 This will bring some big changes to how players work together in Battle Royale.

What's the change you are most excited about, and what would you like to see happen in the next Fortnite patch coming down the line? Sound off in the comments below!

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Published Jun. 12th 2020

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