The Secret World ditches subscriptions

Funcom's The Secret World has done away with subscriptions in favor of optional membership tiers, each with their own perks. Choose from Free, Member, and Grandmaster levels.

Funcom's The Secret World is now a one-time purchase, no subscription necessary, à la Guild Wars 2.

Instead of the traditional subscription system, users are now offered optional membership tiers that yield various perks.

Free members get the base game up until now. That is, any future downloadable content must be purchased. Currently, The Secret World is pricing their DLC at $5.

Members who pay their $14.99 monthly receive a time accelerator, which doubles XP for an hour, with a 16-hour cool down period. Additionally, members get $10 in Bonus Points, a monthly gift, and 10% off at the in-game store. DLC must be purchased as it comes out, with the discount not applicable.

The tippy-top of the totem pole -- the Grandmaster, or lifetime subscriber -- enjoys all of the above perks, but with an additional 10% off of in-game purchases, including DLC.

And this month, all 3, 6, and 12 month membership plans get a 30% slash, just to get the ball rolling.

Those who pick up the $30 game before December 31st will receive some pretty sweet extras, including the game's fifth update, and what they're calling the "Initiate Pack," with weapons, a pet, and clothing.

"See...cret...World? What is this "Secret World" of which you speak?"

Good luck, and happy gaming!

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Published Aug. 18th 2017

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