PAX East 2014: My Experience in Pictures

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This year, I had the pleasure of attending PAX as part of the press crew from Gameskinny. I put together a short slideshow of some of the more interesting moments of the event, including some great cosplay and some of the more attractive booths. 


I loved this Firefly family cosplay! Every time I look at it, I see a new fantastic thing. Little Kaylee's teddy bear patch! Jayne's beard! It's just a fantastic group cosplay. 

I loved all of the style that the Guacamelee developers brought to their booth. 


So this super official booth for (I believe) the lobbying group for games including inflatable jousting all weekend. At some point, horsemasks became involved. 

Fairway Solitaire brought the toilets to you! The whole weekend, there was always someone on their porcelain thrones playing Fairway Solitaire Blast! 


I adore this Bayonetta cosplay! But it's mostly got to be those fantastic shoes! Look at the detail she brought to the costume. 

I had a pretty great time checking out all of the games at the Adult Swim/Cartoon Network booth, but I also really enjoyed the shirts some of them were wearing. Wonder where I could've snagged one of those? 


A girl dressed up as Catbug (whom I adore) playing an indie game from my hometown? Fantastic, with a side of John Stamos. 

Finally, my trusty Adventure Box! Where would I be without Settlers of Catan at PAX? 

What were your favorite booths at PAX? Did you get a great picture of the hamster wheel? Let me know in the comments below. 

Published Apr. 19th 2014

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