One For All returns and the madness continues!

One For All is back with all the crazy 5v5 same champion madness from before.

One For All mode has returned to League of Legends, and it still has all the quirky antics from the previous release - with a few extras added in. 

Riot's returning game mode has not been seen in 2 long years, so a lot of the newer players will finally get to experience the 5v5, same-champion madness that is One For All. Until October 26th, League of Legends players have access to a multitude of champions, each offering their own unique play style for One For All. 

In the time that One For All was unavailable, 8 new champions have been released. These 8 new champs will contribute to some of the craziest games you have ever played. Want to play ping pong with the opposing enemy? Then Azir is your champ to play. Want to create an underground tunnel system that spans the entire map? Rek'Sai is your go-to girl from the void. In addition to the new 8, the old champions still offer their crazy hijinks, such as a team of Dravens catching random flying axes in the middle of a fight.

One For All offers five times the craziness compared to a regular League of Legends game, and a whole lot of laughs. It isn't here forever though, so go enjoy it while you still can!

Published Oct. 15th 2015

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