Microsoft Wants Another Attempt at a Reveal for Xbox One [Updated]

Microsoft wants another shot to woo consumers back to the Xbox One.

The Xbox One was revealed back in May, much to the chagrin of the industry. The hour-long session focused on what many felt to be "casual" centric game titles and features, such as their partnership with ESPN and cable TV integration.

During the next month, and into E3, many criticized the lack of games, and plethora of unnecessary features such as an always on system, 24 hour check ins, DRM, and "weaker" technical attributes than expected. Even multiple game announcements were met with boos during their E3 press conference.

But now, Microsoft has backtracked and changed their newest system into something totally different from what they had envisioned earlier this year. With the removal of many hated policies, and the addition of features such like using each Xbox One as a personal development kit, Microsoft wishes to have a "do-over" before the release in November.

While more details will be announced at this year's Gamescom conference, rumors are circulating that there will be a potential price drop that may even match PS4 offerings ($399-$350), but since that would mean they would not include a Kinect, it seems tentative at best.

Microsoft is doing their best to make up lost ground, and hopefully they can redeem themselves with this "re"-reveal.

UPDATE: According to Reddit, Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) commented yesterday saying of this rumor, "It is not [legitimate]." Whether this is definitive proof the event will not happen, or merely Larry commenting on what information he has, is left to be seen.

Although there are fears another PR blunder could cripple Microsoft so close to the starting line, I feel like it would be beneficial to assuage the fears of the community before the system goes on sale.


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Published Jul. 31st 2013
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    I just want them to remove Kinect from the box, that will drive the price down, and we are golden! I don't have room for Kinect, unless 10cms away from my face with no ability to look at my whole body is enough space....

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