Xbox One May Have Keyboard and Mouse Support

Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb says that Microsoft is open to idea of keyboard and mouse compatibility if that is what gamers want.

Microsoft's director of Xbox Live programming Larry Hryb stated in a recent interview that with the next-gen console the company wants to look at possible ways to improve the "console space." A keyboard and mouse are a part of that potential solution and Microsoft is looking forward to seeing what gamers think about not using the traditional gamepad for the Xbox One. 

“We kind of have this concept of when you’re playing a PC game you’re leaning forward,” Hryb said. “With an Xbox game, sometimes you lean back. You’re just kinda having fun. And I don’t want to incite the religious debate that will ensue, because I’m very aware. We want to provide a gaming experience that people enjoy, certainly with Windows–that’s our other large gaming platform at Microsoft."

I understand where Hryb is coming from and I'm glad that Microsoft is looking into how they can improve their audience's gaming experience, especially since they got off the a rough start earlier on in the year. 

My opinion...

I know it's not an official announcement yet, but I think that it would do absolutely no good for the Xbox One to be compatible with a keyboard and mouse because of that experience that Hyrb was talking about.

If players like using a gamepad, typically they buy the console and if they like playing with peripherals, they invest in a PC. It wouldn't benefit anyone to buy a console if they are not going to be using the gamepad, because for starters, the Xbox One doesn't have specs that shine above any PC. With a PC, gamers have the ability to change out parts easily and upgrade when necessary.

It's for entertainment!

The Xbox One also isn't just a gaming console anymore by Microsoft's own admission. They want the console to be an entertainment system as well, and I can't imagine trying to control your TV with your keyboard and mouse from a desk across the room. The console is all about having free-roam of your living room and with peripherals you would be stuck at a table to use it in any efficient way. But nevertheless it's nice to see Microsoft thinking again about new ways to improve the console experience and really imagining what gamers want out of their products.

Would you want to see peripheral integration in the Xbox One?

Published Oct. 9th 2013
  • Justin Yuson
    Featured Contributor
    This will create a very unfair situation between standard controllers and keyboard/mouse users. It's sad :(
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    I never thought of that actually, but now that you mention it, it does create a small problem considering the accuracy differences between the controllers and keyboard/mouse...

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