New teaser look at the upcoming Doom reboot

It's a small trailer, but it's a trailer Doom. How can you not be excited?

Pinch me, I'm dreaming.

Yesterday we got our very first, brief look at Bethesda's reboot of the popular Doom franchise. The video shows a shotgun being reloaded and a walking demon with machine guns strapped to its back... but that's about it.

The three seconds of footage doesn't give us much to go on, but we're all holding our breath for Bethesda's hype train to cruise into the E3 hype station on June 14, at 10 pm EST.

Doom, if rumors are true, is a rebranding of Doom 4, which was announced last year during Quakecon. From that initial announcement, we know the basics:

  • Doom will "return to the series roots"
  • There will be a double jump
  • There will be shotguns, rocket launchers, and guns galore
  • There will be buckets of blood and viscera

Based on what we know, and the circulating Fallout 4 rumors, Bethesda's E3 conference is going to be one to look out for this year.


Published May. 19th 2015

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