Interworks Unlimited Announces the Xbox One Privacy Cover

Prevent Microsoft from watching you... or just buy a PS4

The idea of having a mandatory camera with your new console that has facial and voice recognition software isn't exactly sitting well with all gamers. Webcam hacking is a very real thing, and we don't know really how much security the Xbox One has in place to prevent this.

Interworks Unlimited has got you covered... literally. The Privacy Cover for the Xbox One is a plastic slider that mounts onto the Kinect 2 for when you need some alone time. It also serves as a form of lens cap to prevent scratches and damage. I think Interworks puts it best in their Amazon listing:

XBOX ONE and Kinect are awesome! The Privacy Cover gives the freedom that allows you to control when to unleash the awesome experience!

The accessory retails for $19.99 and will also be available at Target, Wal-Mart, GameStop, Toys"R"us, and ThinkGeek. 

So what do you guys think? Is this the pine scented air freshener of the next generation? Would you pay 20 dollars for something you can basically already do with a piece of scotch tape and an index card? Keep in mind that it also does nothing to prevent the Kinect 2 from listening to you. Let us know in the comments below. 

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Published Nov. 12th 2013
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    It's just been brought up to me that a company called PDP also announced basically the exactly same product over a week ago for the exact same price-

    It seems there's a rush to make money off of people's paranoia before the Xbox One is actually out there in the wild and people understand it better.

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