GameSkinny News Roundup - July 27th

The weekly News Round for GameSkinny, July 27th 2014, where we highlight 5 articles from the previous 7 days.

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Welcome to the GameSkinny News Roundup.

This weekly feature highlights 5 articles from the previous week, with the aim to simply bring them to the attention of those who may have missed important or interesting updates due to the ever-increasing influx of games news, reviews, and more.

There will usually be 1 article from the following categories; News, Review, Interview, Guide, and Culture. Some nice, light reading at the end of the week.

Have You Googled "Rumor" Recently?

First up we have the returning rumour, this time confirmed by a reliable source, of Google purchasing This rumour first entered circulation back in May, and had a price tag of $1 billion attached to it.

Alex reports on the VentureBeat detailed report, and ends by asking:

Can Twitch retain its small, non-corporate aura as they climb the ladder of mega-corporation success?

Minor Spoilers Incoming, You Were Warned!

Angelina makes her first of two appearances this week. Firstly with her review of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 2 episode named "Amid the Ruins", scoring it a very satisfying 9 stars.

Now, I'll admit I am a little behind on the second season of TWD, so I am thankful for the lightly sprinkled review. It has made me want to wait to play the whole season in one big, walker-sized lump. You can read the review right here.

There is a looming feeling of dread on the horizon constantly during this episode.   The future seems murky for the members of Clementine’s group but as for Clementine, she learned a lot of hard but necessary lessons in this episode that will no doubt affect her in the thrilling conclusion of the Walking Dead Season 2.

Angelina on Amid the Ruins

Excuse Me, Mr. President

It's not everyday you get to interview the President of the United States of America, that day came for Angelina, or so she thought. She did, however,  get to interview Richard Nixon. What did they speak about? The end of the world, obviously.

Angelina asked Richard Nixon, the founder of Black Studios, many, many questions. One highlight for me was the straight question of  "Just what inspired you to make a game like After Reset?"

Frankly, I was desperately waiting for the real Fallout 3 that Van Buren should have become. I was disappointed when that one was canceled, as well as when Project 13 was cancelled. Oblivion's mods were able to save memories of true Fallout spirit from extinction.

-Richard Nixon on his inspiration for After Reset

The lengthy, but informative, interview can be read here.

Yes, Yes. Welcome to My Parlour

 Hearthstone has captured many a  gamer's  imagination. It has fused  together their  (read: my) love for  the Warcraft universe,  passion for  collectible card games, and the  need for  simple accessibility. The  result? Heroes of Warcraft: Hearthstone. Not happy with just allowing players to face each other in (im)mortal combat, Blizzard has added a single-player expansion titled "The Curse of Naxxramas". Pretty freaking sweet, right?

Well, yes. However, the fights are rather challenging. Bosses have cards that would make Stu Ungar want to play Snap, heroic sized health pools, and lines that wouldn't make it into a Nic Cage film.

Never fear, Jay, has you covered. Check out his guide to the Arachnid Quarter of Naxxramas.

And Finally...

New kid on the block, TiquorSJ, wanted to share this great video of Minecraft. It's essential viewing for any parent that is thinking of allowing their child to enter this brutal, horrific, savage, world.

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